Our Campaign

The Origin of the Core

We aim to stand in the centre of the student body, not above. We stand still like a mountain during an earthquake. Nothing can shake us because we WILL get to the CORE of your student issues. What truly matters to you, matters to us.

Our Values

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Our Ideas


The projects we would like to implement are split between two different entities at school: the committees and the students. Firstly, we, as part of the student body, require a more precise amount of where the money we pay for our studies goes. We received in Spring 2020 a sheet with only a few percentages englobing the two different amounts we pay for the academics and the infrastructures. Therefore, we would like to speak with the management to get a more detailed sheet.
Secondly, we would like to work on the committees’ budgets. Redefine the guidelines of the budget attribution to the committees. Our idea is to attribute the budget for student life purposes only (i.e., extra funding for committees to renew their material). This project aims to give the possibility to committees with a smaller budget to organise more events and encourage all the other committees to keep organising events for the whole student body.

In resume, my ideas are:

  • Collaborating with management for a more detailed breakdown of our tuition fees
  • Redefining the budget attribution for student life purposes only and creating an extra budget available for committees (i.e. to renew their material)
  • Enhancing the mission of the Finance Board through control of this additional funding and the role of the EPF audit


Staying connected is more important than ever. However, the information is scattered all over the place (FB, IG, email, My EHL, newsletters, Teams, online sessions, Campus App, jobs platform…). Therefore, we would like to propose an integrated communication platform that would replace student communication on FB & IG. Yammer is a social networking tool to openly connect and engage across organizations – read “like FB but professional.” Using this outsourced communication tool, we would like to achieve the following:


  • Increased student communication efficiency
  • Increased data privacy
  • Increased transparency in all directions (with visible student, faculty & leadership hubs)
  • Increased horizontal communication (cross-intake, cross-committee, cross-campus)
  • Gather crowd-sourced feedback fast using polls


As events are a key aspect of the EHL student life, there are several ideas that we would like to present for both the student body, and committees:


  • Create a more interactive welcome/graduation ceremony where there will be clips of students from each BOSC and AP highlight their views on EHL and what they have learnt throughout their semester
  • A brand-new podcast that will happen twice a month where students, faculty and alumni will act as guest speakers to highlight what their BOSC or AP is like, what challenges students will face academically and tips on how to succeed, as well as the answer to the famous questions “what happens after EHL?”
  • Have more activities around Lausanne and campus, like the treasure hunt, to make the intro week more interesting and not have students sit in chairs and listen to faculty for most of the week.


  • Improve the EPF (Events Proposal Form) to make it more concise and easier for committees to request for events
  • Along with the committee stands on campus, hold a live virtual stand simultaneously where students who cannot access campus (at home or abroad) can ask questions and interact with each committee, making it more accessible for the student body
  • Improve certain committee facilities to allow for more opportunity for events. The music room can be cleaned up and reorganized to hold karaoke nights for example, or the Entrepeneur Club can have access to resources to hold seminars in the Tschumi for students who are curious about the committee or what being an Entrepeneur means


Coming from different backgrounds, altogether, we represent a fine blend of diverse experiences and skills, essential for a successful and fruitful collaboration.