Harry Zinzalian

aka Zinzo

Position: Event Coordinator

Age: 20 years old
Nationalities: American, Swiss & Bulgarian

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived there for 2 years before I moved to Rome, where I spent 5 years learning at Marymount. I then moved to Geneva, Switzerland where I completed my studies with the IB program and graduated in summer of 2018. It was during my final years of high school where I decided to apply for EHL and was thrilled when I was accepted.
I am always someone who enjoys healthy teamwork and relationships and by being a part of both the basketball and music committee, I can really express myself this way. I am also a DJ and recording artist on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud which is another passion which is linked to my extraversion.

Done before EHL

  • At the age of 16, had my first internship at the Hilton Sofia where I worked in F&B and hosted a wedding for 500 guests
  • Guest-speaker on CNN for the “Youth Underground” Humanitarian Group
  • Lead pianist in my school’s jazz ensemble as well as performer for many school assemblies
  • Completed my Swiss Military Service
  • Worked at a DaRenato restaurant in Geneva
  • Became a recording artist on Spotify, Apple Music and many other platforms as “Zinzo”

Done at EHL

  • Head of Events for Basketball Committee
  • Assistant Event Coordinator for Music Committee
  • Guest-Speaker on Campus Connect KNCT
  • Performed for the BOSC 6 graduation “Dinner with the Devil”
  • DJ’d at multiple events for EHL students in Lausanne

Why am I the best fit for this position?

I believe that I am best fit for this position due to my past, present and potential for the future. My first internship at the Hilton was where my love for events began. I had to host a wedding for 500 people at the age of 16 and for a first ever internship, it was a benchmark for my future handling of stress and task management. Extraversion is a key trait when it comes to events and it has been something that has allowed me to accomplish what I have before and during EHL. To put it simply, I love making people smile, and everyone who knows me can vouch that whether it is to DJ or just cooking for friends, I have always thought about putting a smile on someone’s face.

As a BOSC 1, I can offer a fresh take on new potential events that will not only be a great experience for the student body, but also be adaptable to the current COVID situation. As someone who is generally flexible, who can feel the energy of a crowd and what they want, I believe that this makes me a perfect candidate for the position of Events Coordinator for Student Council.

Coming from different backgrounds, altogether, we represent a fine blend of diverse experiences and skills, essential for a successful and fruitful collaboration.