Erwan Le Capitaine

aka Air(force)One or The Captain

Position: Finance Coordinator

Age: 22 years old
Nationalities: Half French & Half Swiss

I come from Lausanne, where I grew up in a small village ten minutes away from school. Some of my family members are in the hospitality industry, and I always heard about the prestigious Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. It became a dream that I finally achieved in September 2019 after an apprenticeship in IT.
I am someone who enjoys channelling my motivation towards committees and student life. I am part of three different committees (EHL Photo, EHL Mountain and EGC), I am an EHL Alliance Ambassador and a Class Representative for BOSC1. Furthermore, I am also involved in my village’s life as I play the accordion in a committee where I am on the board, and I was treasurer for our 60th anniversary.

Done before EHL

  • A 4-year apprenticeship in IT and then one year as a network administrator
  • Vice-president then President of the Student Council to represent around 4’000 students
  • Board Member as Webmaster in the Committee “Les Rossignols” where I play the accordion
  • Treasurer of the 60th anniversary of the Committee “Les Rossignols”

Done at EHL

  • Class Representative
  • Vice-President of the EHL Photo Committee
  • Sponsoring assistant then Head of Logistics and Infrastructure at EHL Golf Committee (EGC)
  • Finance Assistant at EHL Mountain
  • EHL Alliance Ambassador at Coople
  • Volunteer for the Introweek (February 2020 and September 2020) and Introweek Assistant for the next one (March 2021)

Why am I the best fit for this position?

While I am incredibly involved in the EHL Student Life with the committees and the Class Representatives, I am aware of what is happening at school and what can be improved. Also, I think that being a BOSC 1 is a strength while I still have a lot of energy to work with the management to achieve our common goals as EHL Students.

Furthermore, the position of Finance Coordinator can be easily occupied by a BOSC 1 while it is not extremely hard to do a budget and to fill in a financial statement. Also, as previously mentioned, I have been a treasurer for the 60th anniversary of my accordion group, and I already have experiences for this kind of position.

You are The Captain for this election!

Coming from different backgrounds, altogether, we represent a fine blend of diverse experiences and skills, essential for a successful and fruitful collaboration.