Da Lan Mai

aka Dana

Position: Communication Coordinator

Age: 24 years old
Nationalities: Czech & Vietnamese

Born and raised in a small town of Czechia, I have attended an 8-year long course at my local general secondary school finishing with a Czech Maturita. Starting university at EHL was the first time I ever found myself in an English-speaking academic environment. I had a difficult start, but challenges are inevitable for change and growth both within and outside ourselves. I believe adversity can be a blessing turned into an opportunity for learning and improvement – these values lie at the core of who I am and who I strive to become.

Done before EHL

After high school, I decided to explore the world a bit through travel. Tanzania became my first destination where I volunteered in a youth detention centre and taught lessons to young adolescents almost my age, who would otherwise be locked up all day. In San Francisco, I became inspired by the hustle of Silicon Valley and experienced the real power of community. These are just a few examples of activities I have tried out during my gap year, which taught me a lot about myself.

  • Volunteered as a teacher in a youth detention centre in Tanzania
  • Attended personal growth workshops in San Francisco
  • Attended Youth Camp Leadership training in Germany
  • Worked as a cosmetics brand hostess (Germany & Switzerland)

Done at EHL

While I had participated in the Vietnamese dance show of Fête Universelle 2018 and briefly in 2019, I did not join any EHL committees. It is only recently that I have become a member of campus knct EHL, founded by an EHL alumni, which provided me with a platform to express myself, where passionate students knct, inspire, and empower conversation with action.

  • Fête Finale Royal Versaille 2017 volunteer
  • Fête Universelle 2018 & 2019 dance show
  • Volontaires Sportifs Lausannois: FIBA 3×3, Ladies Open, Color Run
  • Introweek February 2019 volunteer
  • Co-Host on campus knct EHL
  • PR & Marketing Coordinator Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Why am I the best fit for this position?

I am currently undergoing my administrative internship with Four Seasons Hotel Prague in the role of PR & Marketing Coordinator. This position requires excellent communication skills to build sustainable relationships with various stakeholders (such as journalists, influencers) and collaboration with other departments. I contribute to the development and execution of PR plans and overall PR & Marketing strategies.

Additionally, I am a language enthusiast – I enjoy learning new foreign languages, and I get quite sensitive when it comes to using appropriate words and correct grammar.

As someone who had been more focused on the academic life at EHL, I believe I can bring a new, less skewed perspective to the conversation as an “average” EHL student who is not directly involved in the internal functioning of EHL and has a general overview of what’s going on.

Building on my internship experience and a rather holistic view of events surrounding our school, I’d like to contribute to an improved student satisfaction at EHL as your Communication Coordinator.


Coming from different backgrounds, altogether, we represent a fine blend of diverse experiences and skills, essential for a successful and fruitful collaboration.